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Halo 1.0.0 Ultimate Tutorial!

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Author Message

Gender: Gender:Male
Joined: Feb 10, 2019
Age: 41
Posts: 22

Reputation: 5.5

Status: Offline
PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:05 pm Post subject: No icon Halo 1.0.0 Ultimate Tutorial! Reply with quote

Yes, a lot been wondering about everything Halo does, So lets talk about each function and figure this out!

Lets break down all the -=Settings=-

Emergency Reload - If for some reason the script errors, and unloads some of the files i has, you can click on the Emergency Reload button and the script will be back to itself again!

Dialogs - Manage
Group Manager - Will show the groups that are on such as if you got bottalk on the group will show #bottalk - on or if its off #bottalk off which there won't show a lot here, since most of the script runs on .ini

Script - Script is the Script Manager, will tell you everything that is loaded, not whats on, but the .mrc files that are loaded.
Sockets - Nothing important, just shows chat sockets lol, a nerd thing!

Dialogs - Misc
Notepad is obviously, allows you to write in the notepad!
Calculator More of the same with notepad, just you get to play with a calculator!
Characters Shows mirc characters to use in scripting, when doing certain ways, or if you wanna be silly, you can type that way using Alt keys!
ASC List  similar to the Character just a bit different, nothing real important here.

Link and Support - This is obviously too! links to my sites, and chat sites! lol aka SPAM!!

Loggers - each of these can be turned off and on!
Debug Shows all events going on in the chat room and in IRC, @Debug is very handy for coding scripts. - Window will be @Debug
Gatekeepers Exactly what is says, creates a window showing Gatekeepers, can be turn off on! Window will be @Gatekeepers
Clone Shows a window with each time someone changes there nickname, window will be @Clones
Whispers - Shows a window of all the Whispers you get that window will be @Whispers
Kicks I Wonder what this does, its obvious, it shows anytime there is a kick in the room. @Kicks is its window.
Modes Shows each time the room changes modes such as if you make the room limit higher, @Modes is its window.
Op Shows anytime someone gets a hammer, comes in with a hammer and so forth, or even puts it down @Op is its Window.
HostKey if you have a hostkey set, this window will display anytime your key changes which the window is @HostKey
OwnerKey Same as the hostkey window, just this one shows Owner key changes instead its window is @OwnerKey
Knocks only works if you have mode +u enabled, but what it does, it will show each person banned in the Knock window, its window is @Knocks

Flood Blocker This is good for people pinging timing fingering and version checking your script, its not as useful as it use to be, so i do not recommend using it
Clear All Windows Will clear every Window for you, if you wanting to clean up screens, no worries each logger also has, Clear Logs(Delete logs) Clear Screen(Same as Clear Windows(Accept it clears just that screen) and finally Show Logs(Enable you to read all the logs)

Chat Sounds Turn the chat sounds off and on!
Startup Music Turn the music off for when you first start the script

End of Part 1
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Gender: Gender:Male
Joined: Feb 10, 2019
Age: 41
Posts: 22

Reputation: 5.5

Status: Offline
PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:36 pm Post subject: No icon Re: Halo 1.0.0 Ultimate Tutorial! Reply with quote

Part 2 we will discuss Messaging, Others, and Fun

Messaging - Welcome Center
The Welcome Center is pretty unique as it has a lot of different things it can do!
Normal  Let's start by its message type, On Screen(Means it will show in the room, some do not like this due to it spamming lol) Action(is the describe, me command, most know this as action) Time Reply(sends a welcome message in time reply!, such as it will do local time: [message set], Whisper(pretty obvious what this one does, it will send a whisper to each person in the room). Notice(basically same as time reply, just it will send a message in color which will be like UserName (notice) message) Broadcast(ever wanted your own chat room broadcast, well this one does exactly that! The Commands are simple to Add(this is where you set the message, before turning the welcome on) remove(what it says, don't like the message. you can remove it with this) Read(Read the ini file on what messages you have set, and you can also add your own!) now that all this out of the way. lets turn it On!
Text I am not gonna go over everything here, because its almost the same, only different here, is instead reading one message it will read multi messages, as in each time someone joins depending on how many you added, they will get a different message every time, how to run it now, be sure you have only one of them on at a time, if you have both on, it will greet with both, also a little note here, then welcome center will halt all AOP and the friends welcome, just the reason each level and friends list has its own welcome!

Messaging - Away/Back Center
This one is coded similar to the Welcome Center, so no need to go over a lot of stuff again, so lets go over what is different, in the Away/Back Center in commands, you must set the message for Away, and you must set it for Back, if you don't it will cause Unknown Command error in the main status window. Text read is basically the same thing, as Welcome, nothing to set here, just turn it on and edit your random messages the way you like in the Read option!

Friends Welcome Center
Not much to discuss in the settings area, basically set your message type, and turn it on, just like the other two above, may give the text read option for this in next version! now the nicklist, aka the userlist where everyone is, by Clicking a name in the userlist, and going down to the person you want a special message for you can add a special for them, and each time they join they will get a Special welcome message that you decided for them, you can also change the message by removing and adding the person again, echo allows you to see what your current message is! be warned about using the friends welcome center, they will not be kicked by your bot, only a few kicks they are not immune to such as the Ghost Kicker

Staff Join/Part
It does what it says it does lol, by clicking on Join Message, you can set a friendly or unfriendly message you wanna greet Buzzen Staff each time they join, you will do the same for when they leave! in Part Message

Others - Room Count
Room count will show how many joined your room today, how many left all time,total kicks today, total different nicks today(as in how many new chatters or new accounts joined your room today, the most in the room today(which is maximum) it does not need to be turned on, unless you want the join message on to, which is just stats lol(if you into that kind of thing) and Show Report, can see everyday how your room is doing!

Others - Mode Say Not a lot special about this one, it just tells if your room modes changed, such as  if the room limit changed to 100 it would say $nick changed mode to +l 100
Others - Op Say Will tell the room each time someone gets a hammer!
Others - Hammer Thanks Can you guess what it does, it will say thank you to anyone that gives you a hammer, but you must have each one set for this to work, such as your Owner, Host and Help commands!

Fun - Math Wanna have fun with math in your room? here is your chance, users can type !math 8*8 as a example and the bot will tell the answer!

Fun - Parrot your guess this is a copycat? right? well you are correct, ever wanted to annoy the hell out of your room, turn the parrot on, and it will do exactly that Razz, as in each time someone types it will type the same!

Fun - Bot Talk Its the bot talk of the script! the bot talk has a lot of things it can say, you can also edit the bot talk by clicking the edit button, and in the read me, it tells you how to make your own! so that part i am not gonna go over, since there is a read me for this in Halo.

Fun - Bot Talk Whisper Similar to the bot talk, just this time its in whispers, but what about the whisper window, each time someone whispers me a command? it uses window -c $nick(Which means each time someone whisper you one of the commands, it closes the window automatic, if they don't whisper one of the commands it stays open!

End of Part 2

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Gender: Gender:Male
Joined: Feb 10, 2019
Age: 41
Posts: 22

Reputation: 5.5

Status: Offline
PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 11:16 pm Post subject: No icon Re: Halo 1.0.0 Ultimate Tutorial! Reply with quote

Next up, lets learn the AOP, first we will check out the -=Setting=- AOP Stuff Functions

Commands This allows anyone on your AOP to have special commands for the room, higher level you have it set to the more commands they get, such as Master, it has most commands, pretty much the whole room is in its possession lol(Master, you must be gold hammer for this to work 100% as its meant for gold hammer), the Moderator setting is basically for anyone you want to be HelpOp and have commands, so why is the command separated from the AOP? So if you testing a new owner, host or helpOp, the different in the AOPs is one is Local(which means just that one room they will get commands for and global means every room the bot is in they will get a hammer, so say you want someone to just host that certain room, you would add them to the local aop which we will get there soon, on how to add, say if you want them to host every room you own, it would be set to global, basically the AOP separates your host from which room you want them to be hammers in or it can make it global which means as i said above all rooms! But yes you can banlist users kick users and other stuff with the commands when you add yourself to one of them try using @master, or whatever command it tells you and boom, it will show you everything you need to know! it does not have no 15min 1hr or 24hr command in it, but does have the banlist, will add these commands in next Halo!, but in order for the commands to work they must be On, the ones you want on that is.

Denies These are all the denies in the room, Ban, Pedo, Spam, Underage, Retard, Script and my favorite Ass Hole, Spec is there to, but only recommend turning this one on if your starting a new room as the room has to be moderator(+m) for this to work, plus you have to have the bot set to +v on join as in making everyone a participant onjoin, so as i said just use speclist if you start a new room, or when the room is slow, and you can manually give everyone voice.

Levels This is where it gives the hammers and kicks for people on your AOP, so if say John joined a room he is on Admin level, the bot would give +q(Owner Status) and a friend broadcast message onjoin that you created LocalAdmin: John - Reason: My Buddy! Banlist is cool to, as it has its messages too, just we not suppose to be friendly here. Also the banlist each have seperate commands, such as you need to set its Ban Time for each one,  i recommend 30 minutes, so it doesn't clog your access list up, they getting kick each time they join right? speaking of Banlist to use ban commands say my name is John again you would do something like @ban John(Must be exact name, @kick is unique(but warning becareful how you use @kick, because it can kick multi chatters out if they similar, but you can do say its John again you can @kick Jo, just part of the nickname it will kick or @kick hn, sometimes if you lucky you can get someone with just @kick J, now lets get how to add, now that we know how the AOP works.

Same as the Friends Welcome, find the user you want to add to your AOP, and choose which AOP you want to put them on, you can remove them as well, but they must be in the channel or you can remove through the Halo main folder where mirc is, through the AOP folder under the users folder.

you can also read the message you have set for the AOP user by clicking on Echo on there name!
forgot to mention, before adding someone to a new AOP level, you must remove them off there old AOP setting.

End of Part 3

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Gender: Gender:Male
Joined: Feb 10, 2019
Age: 41
Posts: 22

Reputation: 5.5

Status: Offline
PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 12:02 am Post subject: No icon Re: Halo 1.0.0 Ultimate Tutorial! Reply with quote

Next up we will talk about a few other settings, now we get down to business! Room Protections

Clone - Jeremy
This one will announce each time someone changes there names in the main room, also has a greeter to it! it will say some shit, like this is the first time i seen you here Jeremy, or Welcome back to the room Jeremy, or if they changed names, it will say I see you changed your name, you Jeremy[Old Nick] you changed to Jeremy1 [New Nick] or something along them lines it says, don't remember been a minute since i created this one, and not did much with it in a minute!

Clone - exoynte
Same as my version just a more enhanced version, this one will also shows nickchanges to the room, or you can echo it to your own screen, it basically has same controls as welcome center, just a few missing and one new, its default to show is 10, i may make a option later where you can change on how many changes you want it to show.

Addy Kick
Be careful what you add in your text this one reads, because whatever you have that set to, it will kick exactly for that, plus a lot of people these days like to spam YouTube in chat it has a shitlist to, i do not recommend using the shitlist if you allow YouTube videos, however this would be nice to turn on during Sizzle Radio broadcast Razz, a nice 15 minute ban i recommend for this one, also you can set its kick message in the Commands as well, and read your text to what you have set for spamming,
Please login to see this link
Get registered or Log in
is best bet, www not really, i have it in the default, but its a risk people can get kicked for saying awwwww lol, so i would delete that out of there and just keep
Please login to see this link
Get registered or Log in
what is unique about it, it can kick if they try to spam in away message whisper action and normal, so no win for the person trying to spam when you don't want them too!

Ever had someone over use them emotes maybe 10-15 of them lol, well this is good for kicking for that! this has some extra options as well, such as how many emotes allowed? which is Icons, then ban time and kick message as well!

Masses Not yet tested, well back on MSN it has been tested, and worked fine, what does it do, say if someone decide to take your room, and tried to mass kick, this protection will stop that, Owners Live just means only Owners allowed to mass kick, kind of dumb but never know, maybe a all host room will pop up on buzzen one day lol

Now for the Misc Protection
Cup Kicker
Ever hate chatters that go straight in there cup when they join your room? well this cup kicker hates them, basically it kicks for right away cuppers. has kick reason and ban time need to be set first before using this, or it will ban for indefinite if its not set!

Bad Nicknames
don't like people coming in with certain nicknames, such as slut, daddy, bum fuck lol, just to name a few, this bad name kicker will kick anyone using names you do not like, it also has read and add option, also ban time and kick reason!

Its a little buggy at the moment, so use at your own risk its idea is simple!, if someone came in and said m 13, it would kick for underage, or m/13 it would kick or even m-13 and also in reverse, its risky, but there is other ways people can use these commands, but it has kick reason and bantime as well, so do not forget to turn them on if you use these.

Cap Kicker
Its basically what it says, but it gives 2 warnings then it kicks, it works similar to the addy kick just no text to read, it has the option of ban time, kick reason and cap percentage(which is what percentage of caps is allowed by a person.)

Subject Kicker
This is close to the cap kicker, but its similar to the bad word kicker at the same time, say if someone said Trump, it would warn that this word is not allowed, after 3 times the user says the same word it will kick has ban time kick reason, and you can add and remove words here.

Bad Words Native Bitch would hate this one Razz Razz Razz Razz, and me of course, this one kicks for potty mouth, lucky for this one it allows you to edit the bad words in the text, it also has warning, and kick message and ban time, it halts aop like the rest of these kicks, so no worries Native Bitch, cuss away :P

Email Kicker Don't care to see people spamming there email? well guess what no worries, access denied for them with this kick, you can also edit and set kick message and ban times. this one has no warning it will kick right away lol

now for the fun part, Flood Protection

Passport Flood
Does exactly what it says, kicks passport flood, i do not really see a need for this at the moment, but hey you never know maybe one day it will come in handy again, Buzzen is peaceful at the moment, so don't see this being a issue.

Guest Flood
Same as the Passport Flood, just this one stops guest flood, or you can just stop guest flood by banning guest, but some reason, some people like guest in the room!, both just has kick reason!

Away Flood[
Exactly what it says it does, stops away flood, as in to many away/back/away/back, has kick reason and ban time.

Hop Flood
Don't you hate users that feel like a revolving door, as in they come and go, come and go non stop lol, this kicks are bunny rabbits, it has kick reason ban time, and you can choose how many times they allowed to come and go! lol

Room Limiter
Bot must be in the room at all times for this, as it keeps the room down to just 3 people allowed to join at all times, best one for the passport flood protection or add both this and passport flood kicker on together if you ever need it, and this kicks ass! as in basically if your room has 45 it will make the limit 48 and etc, if someone was to leave it would go down to 44 means bot will make it 47 :P

Ghost Kicker
Stop people from ghosting in this room lol, stupid buzzen, fix that shit :@, has kick reason only on here as it bans for 1 minute to prevent multiplying lol

End of Part 4

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Gender: Gender:Male
Joined: Feb 10, 2019
Age: 41
Posts: 22

Reputation: 5.5

Status: Offline
PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 12:49 am Post subject: No icon Re: Halo 1.0.0 Ultimate Tutorial! Reply with quote

now for the Self Protection

This is revenge protection, if you gold and another gold or if you are brown and another brown kicks you, well hate there bad luck, this kicks them back and if you have it set to shitlist i really hate there bad luck as they shitlisted from the room, has kick reason and bantime.

What if someone took your hammer from you and don't want them doing that? well hate there bad luck again, this option will stop that from happening, as in you get your hammer back, it also has DeHost just incase your a brownie, and someone took your hammer, has the kicklist feature again, and also has the kick reason and ban time as well!

Only want the bot to host and owner people, this will prevent others from hosting others, no real options here accept on and off!

Tell, it will tell everyone in the room, what someone whispered you, tell then kick, will tell everyone what someone whispered you and kick them lol, tell+ban basically same as kick just bans a minute i believe., then there is the kick and ban, which does the same just no telling what someone said, it just does its job lol

next up is Room Stuff not much in here yet, but perhaps soon, never know what ideas i will think of next.

Hammer Away
Will take a hammer away when owners host and helpops go away, obviously, you need to have the proper hammer for them to work, such if you a want to take gold hammers away while away, the bot must be gold, if you want to take brown hammers away you  got to be either brown or gold, helpop you can be helpop and higher for this to work, super owner has the advantage here, as you can't override a superowner, even though, it says it to the super owner lol

next up OnJoin Stuff
Owner - gives a gold hammer onjoin or if you have it set to deowner it takes the gold hammer away
Host - gives a brown hammer onjoin to everyone or if you have it said to dehost, takes the hammer away from everyone onjoin.
Help - gives a helpop hammer onjoin to everyone or takes away from everyone if dehelp is on
Voice - gives each user voice onjoin, this is what you need on if you got speclist on besides +m or devoice take voice away
Kick - duh, it kicks everyone onjoin lol, that is if you wanna make it a private meeting room or some stupid shit like that, or just feel like being a ass hole.

Next up Guest System
Kick - kick guest onjoin with a register to buzzen message to go with your custom message.
Ban - Ban each guest that joins the room, why this hell if i know you can just ban guest, just to have it there i guess!
Message - wanna be friendly how about a custom message to your guest when they join? instead of a kick
Warning - works similar to the cap kicker, just this is 3strikes 2 warnings then it kicks, has customize kick message bantime and customize guest message settings here to go with on

next up Misc Kicks
No Kicking - means only the bot is allowed to kick in the room!
No Away - means no one is allow to cup in the room! both have kick or ban options plus custom ban time and kick time.

CTCP Replies - Only two of these work at the moment, but if Version or Finger ever works, they are there.
Time is the only unique one out of the 3!
Message - will snitch on people in the room, if someone checks your time.
Kick - will kick for someone checking your time!
Ban - will ban someone for checking your time!
Silly - Just something i had in my scripts for ages i decided to keep in this, a funny message :P

Message - will snitch on people in the room, if someone checks your Ping.
Kick - will kick for someone checking your Ping!
Ban - will ban someone for checking your Ping!

Has everything the same as Ping

Has everything same as Ping as well.

End of Part 5

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Gender: Gender:Male
Joined: Feb 10, 2019
Age: 41
Posts: 22

Reputation: 5.5

Status: Offline
PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 1:04 am Post subject: No icon Re: Halo 1.0.0 Ultimate Tutorial! Reply with quote

Next we gonna talk about modes and Scrolling

Mode Lock
Stops people from changing the modes in your room, such if someone wanted to change the room to +100 and you had it set to +50, it would kick and ban someone for doing that kind of stuff, or any other mode related stuff it has customizing too.

Somebody trying to change your Language to Japan?(JP) and you EN(English) then this will stop that from happening, as in if they change your language it will set it back to the language you have it set to.

Say your in the Lifestyle(LS) category and someone you didn't want moved you to computers(CP) this would lock that category for you

This locks the onjoin message the green message you see in everyone's room that joins!

And this one locks the topic as well!

Each of these functions are customization so be sure to set your kick and ban reasons, and the other stuff such as your onjoin and topic lauguage and category.

finally with the settings is Scroll Protection.

Say if someone did a giant white screen or any blank what so ever in the room, this protection will kick for this, make sure kick and ban is set here.

Stops text scrolling, like if someone said the same thing 3 times or whatever how many times you have set in Scroll Times., also has ban and kick reason customs.

Op flooding is where someone playing revolving door with the hammer, as in Host/Dehost/Host/Dehost/Host/Dehost has kick reason and ban time, also has how many times can they dehost and host a person.

Profile Onjoin
This was done by danger for me, so i included this, it will echo all the profiles on join, or if you have the second option set it will message the room profiles.

Knocks Onjoin
Will display if ban chatters are trying to come in your room, you must have mode +u to see this work :P

End of Part 6

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Gender: Gender:Male
Joined: Feb 10, 2019
Age: 41
Posts: 22

Reputation: 5.5

Status: Offline
PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 1:45 am Post subject: No icon Re: Halo 1.0.0 Ultimate Tutorial! Reply with quote

lets move on to Moschino in the Status bar.

Moschino Setup first in here, you will set your email/password and personal reason why its there lol, you will also setup your font, its the first 2 options in the dialog Passport and Font.

Extra Options
Login with Passport, means login with passport!
Login with Ticket, is no longer used anymore.
Idle mode checks you is idle!, trigger idle scan, will check idle every how many minutes you have it set.

Whisper Events
Auto Whisper Back - Allows a custom message to whisper people, just say if you afk.
Auto Close Whisper in mirc - will auto close all incoming whispers.
Completely disable whispers - bascially like webchat no whispers at all!

Auto Channel Create
Will Auto Create a room with the settings you choose.

its the irc network you on!

moving down to Mass Join
Add every channel you want your bot in, this is good if you are a idler.

Channel Scan
Allows you to see who is in a room you are scanning.

Nick Logs
Allows you to scan nicklogs to see who all joined your room and stuff lol

Nothing to see here anymore, since Dabba no longer chats.

More Moschino status stuff.
disconnects the script.

Setup mIRC Client Side Connection
Sets up moschino connection

Always setup mirc client on start
means its always setup

Join Recent Room
Joins the recent room you were in

Join a channel
Joins a room!

Create a Room
Creates a room!

View Flash Buzzen Channel list
See all the rooms on buzzen

Now for the channel functions of Moschino

Prop Unlock/Lock(Super Owner Only)
Allows you to lock certain things where you can't change them at all, unless you superowner.

Channel Props
Allows you to change all the props such as topic, onjoin

Channel Modes
Lets you modify all the modes

Join Room with Webchat
Join room with your webchat name.

Channel Hop
Hop the channel

Part all channels
Part every channel you are in!

Access List
View the Access List, of denies, owner access etc.

Scan Channel[Nick Log]
Scan for everyone in the room, to see who changed names and shit lol

End of Part 7

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Gender: Gender:Male
Joined: Feb 10, 2019
Age: 41
Posts: 22

Reputation: 5.5

Status: Offline
PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 2:02 am Post subject: No icon Re: Halo 1.0.0 Ultimate Tutorial! Reply with quote

Finally the rest of it.
Starting with Channel area

Join - Shows recorder for join stuff, such as all time and in room now.
Part - Shows recorder for part stuff such as all time and in room stuff.
Kicks Shows recorder for all time kicks.

Full Uptime - Show Full Uptime including records.
Current - Show Current Uptime stuff.
Records - Show Record Uptime Stuff
Update - Uptime - Update the records
Reset - Reset all of the Uptime records.

Preset Topics
Set 5 Preset Topics.

Nick Alert
Its a little buggy, but hopefully next version it won't be, as sometimes when someone calls your name it will not show the message.

Nicklist aka the user list.

View Profile
Show a echo like it does onjoin

All your hosting functions like webchat is here.

your kicks like webchat is here!

All the bans like in webchat is here.

Send message in broadcast notice and whisper

Just picture the onjoin stuff but this being in the userlist and doing it in a mass amount lol

A simple take room where you are the sysop lol

Room Fixes
Room got messed up some how? fix the room with this button.

CTCP Check
Check CTCP such as someones time, version, finger and ping.

Guest Ban/Unban
Duh!! does what it says lol

Allows you to clone in different things, including yourself lol

User Info
Shows gatekeeper and nickname of a user.

Nick Log
Allows you to check multi nicknames in the room.

And that is it for now!!, any questions feel free to post in the forum, or check back here for changes in further versions.

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No new posts Sticky: [Game] SuperTrivia 5.0 0 Shady 3744 Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:41 pm
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[Games] GamePack v3 Dialog
Last post by Shady in Addons on 03/21/2019 10:40 pm
Halo 2 Change Logs (Not Released Yet!)
Last post by Shady in Halo 1.0.0 on 03/21/2019 04:54 pm
[Game] SuperTrivia 5.0
Last post by Shady in Addons on 03/12/2019 11:41 pm
[Game] Lottery
Last post by Shady in Addons on 03/12/2019 10:40 pm
[Game] Word Frenzy v3
Last post by Shady in Addons on 03/12/2019 10:05 pm
[Game] Blackjack
Last post by Shady in Addons on 03/10/2019 06:32 pm
[Game] HangMan(Beta)
Last post by Shady in Addons on 03/10/2019 06:22 pm
Buzzens lack of respect
Last post by Shady in Buzzen on 03/03/2019 02:51 pm
[Game] ScraBoggle
Last post by Shady in Addons on 03/03/2019 02:44 pm
Halo 1.0.0 Ultimate Tutorial!
Last post by Shady in Halo 1.0.0 on 02/23/2019 02:02 am


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